Regular Small Size (1-1/4) Rolling Papers

Smoking Deluxe small Size - 60 Sheets ( 1-1/4th)

Rs. 69.00 – Rs. 500.00

Smoking Deluxe paper - Ultra-thin Regular Papers in a booklet of 60 leaves. The papers measure 69 x 37 mm. They are ultrathin and burn slowly and evenly - perfect...

SMK Green Regular small size ( 1-1/4th) - Cut Corners

Rs. 49.00 – Rs. 1,499.00

SMK Green Regular Size Rolling Papers Slow Burning Natural Glue Made in Spain Genuine FINEST Cut corners ciggrette Rolling Papers  Packaging type   pack Unit  60 sheets per pack  Manufacturer Details...

Smoking Brown small 1/4 - 60 Sheets

Rs. 79.00 – Rs. 1,999.00

Smoking Brown Regular is an unbleached version, which is more environmentally friendly. An ultrafine paper, with a high level of transparency. Slow-burning, it comes with 60 leaves per booklet. Natural vegetable...

Smoking Brown Regular Brown - Double Window

Rs. 99.00 – Rs. 1,499.00

Double pack with a patented anti-sliding system.The favorite unbleached, more environmentally-friendly leaf. An ultrafine, highly transparent leaf. Slow-burning, with 120 leaves per booklet. FSC® Certified.100% natural vegetable gum, with no...

Smoking Organic Small Size - 60 Sheets

Rs. 69.00 – Rs. 1,499.00

Smoking Organic Regular Rolling Papers are made from 100% BIO-certified hemp fibers from organic cultivation.It is the most eco-friendly paper produced by the Spanish traditional brand Smoking. No pesticides, herbicides, or artificial...

Elements - Small Rolling Paper

Rs. 99.00 – Rs. 1,650.00

Elements rolling papers are made from pure rice that is pressed ultra thin. A small line of natural Acacia plant gum is then added. These rolling papers burn with no...

Raw Classic 1 1/4 - 50 leaves

Rs. 89.00

RAW Classic 1¼ is our original size.  Also known as “Spanish Size”, 1¼ papers were the standard size of all rolling papers starting hundreds of years ago.  Since then, many other...

SMK Liquorice 1-1/4 Size - 50 leaves/pack

Rs. 109.00 – Rs. 2,999.00

50 Leaves Per Book 70mm x 38mm ( 1-1/4 Size or Regular Size) High Quality, Lightweight Paper Slow Burning Natural Glue Made in Spain Genuine Packaging type   pack Unit  50...

Raw Organic Hemp Single Wide - 100 sheets

Rs. 149.00

Raw Organic Single Wide Hemp Rolling Papers come in a double packet with 100 hemp papers per packet. The Hemp paper is 100% chlorine free and unbleached which gives the...

Mascotte 66 Slim Size ( 1-1/4TH)

Rs. 99.00Rs. 69.00

These are less wide cigarette papers for those who prefer to roll a slim one. There is no overlap of paper anymore - less waste, more taste! Mascotte 66 Slim has 66 papers...

Smoking thinnest brown Regular - 60 Sheets/Pack

Rs. 69.00 – Rs. 1,999.00

 New Smoking Thinnest Brown rolling papers are really thin and now natural brown unbleached! The thinnest rolling papers ever from the famous Spanish paper factory of Miguel y Costas in...

Raw Classic Black Single Wide size - 100 sheets

Rs. 149.00

RAW Black Single Wide Rolling Papers 100 Sheets per pack.Also available in cases of 25 Packs. RAW Black is the thinnest natural unbleached paper RAW has ever made and it's so thin...

Rolling papers size can be very confusing. 1 1/4, Single Wide, 1 1/2...what does this mean? What cigarette roller and paper size can i use together? We have answers to these questions that can help when deciding to roll your own.

First off, let's understand what the size of the papers really mean. There are only a few different sizes of rolling papers.

1 1/4 got it's name because it can hold approximately 25% more product than a Single Wide rolling paper. The 1 1/4 rolling paper is 76-78mm in length and 45-48mm in width. This works out to be about 3.1 x 1.8 inches. Each brand will be slightly different in size, but will usually fall within the above guidelines. These rolling papers are considered to be the most popular of all the sizes and are sometimes called "French Size" or "Spanish". You would use a 79mm cigarette roller with these size rolling papers.

11-4 rolling paper

It is the most popular size of rolling papers, and is also known as "regular" or "classic" and even "Spanish Size". A typical 1 ¼” measures 76-78mm in length and 45-48mm in width. 


These papers were the only size available until the 1600s and were invented in Spain, which earned them the name 'Spanish Size'. They hold about 25% more material than a single wide paper. That's how they get their name - 1 ¼. 


If you're just beginning with rolling papers, this is your ideal size since the larger width allows you to roll into a cone which is slightly easier than perfect pinners. Alternatively, you can also use the 70mm cigarette roller with these size rolling papers. The 1 ¼” size is ideal for 2-3 smokers, so you can use these when you have a tight circle of homies over


Shop for wide range of Small Or 1-1/4th size Rolling papers from the house of Raw small Rolling papers , Smoking small brown Rolling papers at lowest prices on Jonnybaba Lifestyle 




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